About Our Shop

Ave-nueva (ah-veh   new-eh-vah) a new avenue

Hi, my name is Jessie Martinez. I am an award-winning designer, thinker, and maker. Although lately I’ve made stuff for myself, I’ve worked with brands both large and small, helping them create relevant brand experiences and stories for their customers.

Avenueva is a “new avenue” or blue ocean strategy for creative growth in the maker revolution. I run a small, multi-disciplinary design studio with a maker’s heart and soul. I create for you, your brand or myself. Not confined to traditional constraints of the industry, I am nimble, efficient and create amazing things because, well, I can. My role is not defined by limited views on creativity or “design.” Design was never meant to be put into a silo covered in layers of red tape.

Like creativity, design is everywhere. Design built this country. Design moves it forward. We move it in a fresh, new direction one creation at a time. We are designers; we are web developers; we are printmakers; we are metalsmiths; we are jewelers; we are woodworkers; we are makers of all things rad.


I have worked traditionally in branding and brand identity design, but have been designing products to support the maker movement. Posters, tshirts, jewelry, etc.

Printmaker and Metalsmith

I think I may bleed ink. I love all things print and support the traditional printmaking movement.

I am also a metalsmith and make bespoke jewelry and accessories for printmakers. Currently I am creating a line of prints and merchandise for fellow metalsmiths.