About Our Shop

Ave-nueva (ah-veh   new-eh-vah) a new avenue

Avenueva is an award-winning, design shop with a passion for printmaking and metalsmithing. Although a business founded in graphic design for print and digital projects, it has now evolved to design and make jewelry to help raise awareness and support the efforts of printmakers around the globe.

I like to think that when someone is wearing a piece of Avenueva jewelry, they’re making the statement that print is alive and thriving.


I am Jessie Martinez, an award-winning creative, having traditionally worked in branding and brand identity design both in print and digital landscapes.

Printmaker and Metalsmith

I think I may bleed ink. I love all things print and support the traditional printmaking movement.

I am also a metalsmith and make bespoke jewelry and accessories for printmakers. Currently I am creating a line of prints and merchandise for fellow metalsmiths.